The Water concept

The water management

There is a future- oriented and integrated water- and sewage concept provided, which considers water savings and the water circle as well as the use of nutrients and the energy content.

The rainwater from the roofs and fixed surfaces is stored in suitable tanks according to the local climate. This underground tank is a useful factor in the thermic circle because it can precool the water and can keep the temperature constantly at 15°C, over the whole year. The water will become the best drinkable water for kitchen and bath after having it cleaned by different filters and membranes. The Quality will be controlled steadily.

During extreme rainfalls the excess water is drained into a pond. As a result, the rainwater is used perfectly inside and outside the house.

The domestic sewage stream is captured separately inside the apartment. Using vacuum toilets, which have a very low water consumption, faeces and urine (black water) and the remaining sewage (gray water) are drained and handled separately.

The grey water, which has only a few nutrients, is drained out of the house. It is cleaned by coarse material and added to three vegetated sand filter (constructed wetlands). The cleaning capacity inside the constructed wetland is produced by microorganisms, living in the sand; the plants (normally reed) support the aeration.

Because of the low nutrient load (nitrogen, phosphor and potassium) in the grey water, it is possible to have a biological cleaning of the grey water at the constructed wetland easily and cheap. The run-off of the constructed wetland, which has the quality of bathwater, is stored in a cistern to reuse it as toilet water and for watering the garden.

In the case of this sewage management the energy consumption for the sewage, compared with the normal procedure, is highly reduced. Furthermore through the anaerobe process usable energies are getting free. Water- and nutrient circles are locally closed and the pollution of the water with nutrients and pathogen or fecal germs is considerably reduced.