green garbage can

The waste concept

The waste management

The accumulated waste has to be separated as far as possible (glas, paper, wrapping, residual waste and bio waste). Bio waste is collected at a pin system, shredded at a central place and as necessary either used as compost to build or rebuild a topsoil (improvement of the microclimate, decline of the dehydration of the ground, rise of the CO2 absorption, decline of the CO2emission), or added to a biogas plant.

By using vacuum toilets (already being used in shipbuilding or ICE trains), which only need 1- 1,2 l water, black water is there in a high concentration. This stream will also be drawn to the biogas plant through vacuum pipes.

Through the co- fermentation of black water and bio waste at the biogas plant the energy content of both parts is used. The emerging biogas can be used at the condensing boiler for the heat supply or at a CHP plant to produce energy. The emerging waste heat can power the biogas reactor as well as the linked heat supply system.

The remaining fertilizer can be collected in storage and handed to the agronomy. In this way the contained nutrients of the sewage can be restored into the agronomy almost completely and the nutrient cycle is closed at this moment.