Green power plug and outlet

The Energy Concept

Power and gas management

The power is produced out of renewable energies on the property of the Off-Grid House. There are: photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower, solarthermics and biomass.  The produced energy can be stored (battery) or saved inside the building or on the property. The most qualified molecule for energy production and storing is hydrogen. This technical gas has a high energy density.  The Hydrogen is turned out by the excess produced power, an electrolyser and demineralized water.  It puts out very clean hydrogen, which is stored in tanks. The hydrogen is on the one hand used as “reserve fuel” for fuel cells which can produce energy “on demand” later or on the other hand is directly used to produce heat in a heating system, like natural gas.

Furthermore, if it’s the wish of the user, it can be used as fuel for the electric gas cooker at home. A save alternative for everybody, who doesn’t want to abandon a gas cooker in the kitchen.