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The academy

The acadamey of a sustainable lifestyle!

Culture achieves morality

The academy wants to encourage knowledge of moral contact, which is conform to our culture and regards the requirements of a sustainable lifestyle.

According to that we debate with people of public life and economy about the current situation as well as about visions of the future and about alternatives of the ecological system.

We invite scientists to give a lecture about the possibilities of acting responsibly towards the benefit of us and our descendants.

We philosophize together with authors about good and bad sides of today’s world, neuroscientists explain why we became what we are, why we behave like this, how we behave and which opportunities are there to make us mentally sustainable.

The next year’s program is developed at the moment. You can require regular information, if you want to be informed about our events.

Education – Knowledge gives culture!

„Education always deals with the development of personal skills” (Wilhelm v. Humboldt)

The academy provides seminars to support knowledge of human nature and the development of personal skills with a positive prospect on a stress-free, respectful and appreciative contact with people at work or at home.

If you are interested and want to get informed about our seminar dates and the concrete contents you can write us here.

Practice research – curiosity brings joy!

Practice research of new living and working environment through “learning by doing”. There is a focus on the development and testing of the newest technologies, which can store and use renewable energies by electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen as well as their use to produce energy through fuel cell and as fuel (replacement for natural gas). There is special attention on the circular economy of nature which has the smallest burden on environment and the people.

New things are tested to improve the existing, always having permanent enhancements and adaption processes for a sustainable lifestyle, in mind.